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carbonic acid, in a perfectly pure state, did not pass into the trachea when an

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infected. I know not what the Sanitary Commission may be

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Ingram, Charles B., Mt. Gilead (Hon.); Jeff., 1886 1886 1892

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seized with agonizing pain in the affected side, and

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any sign of pathological process. I thought at first a

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cence that grows upon the ear of this grain, resem-

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the cervix. It being a fact, therefore, that lacerations of the

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complicate wound treatment. I cannot, however, speak

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tions were not rare, they were by no means so frequent as

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toms. Occasionally these symptoms may be due to digitalis or other

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wendung des Cocains," St. Petersburg, 1873). Rabbits

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dition was as follows : Appetite fairly good ; prostration

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There is one fact connected with the history of fever, which should

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12. Scheidel, H. : The Pathogenicity of Lamblia Intestinalis

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the production of either form (croupous or catarrhal) of pneumonia^

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well. The advance which the science of Surgery has made

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months and a little over 44 per cent gave negative histories. This

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