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In the second place, although medication will not effect a cure nor prevent

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hand, there being incomplete hemiplegia of the right side. She had no

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doses of colchicum, may be added. The tartrate of potassa and soda,

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In most of the cases the paralysis was developed Avithout premonitions.

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reported highly successful results from the emplo3^ment of the sulphite

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denotes great gravity and danger, and hemorrhage in other situations is

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But the climax of our difficulties on this subject is displayed in

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is included with the bipolar cells because of its greater similarity

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applying to the joint that was situated more immediately above the seat of disease,

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best work of the kind with which we areacqnaiufed their memories with the smallest possible expendi-

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surprising, and well calculated to confound the inexperienced. ■

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and the experiment is so easily made, that it must appear

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through the nose. If the exudation be abundant and loose, pliarj-ngeal

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cases in which there are anv grounds for suspecting its presence ; and it

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and there is then, with each new rush of fluid, a bruit de souf-

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In noticing the different neuralgic aflfections to which, collectively, the

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here a medicine possessing such depressing powers must be used

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in Paris. Here again I was disappointed, and though I most

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An effort was made to demonstrate myelinated fibers, if

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roots were severed by cutting them with a small curved scalpel,

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cerebral, raices del trig^mino y nervios que han quedado in-

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which, unfortimately, are not trustworthy as evidence. Speci-

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sohitions obtained by neutralizing the carbonates of those alka-

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nations, in some cases, and insane delusions. Occasionally the delirium