in these cases, yet, as Yogel himself asserts, the bsemato-globuline
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it follows, that if the fetid aft of a sick room be diluted with^wre air, the chances
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lutely negative for both milk and lactalbumin. The child was
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theless, the prompt onset of a remission after the first trans-
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Case II. With this child, who presented an absolutely typical
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lavished upon the idol of the heart all the richness and sweetness of their love and
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in the lungs and chest. Grub in the head, liver, or spleen, causes bleeding from
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availed myself of their aid in putting together the following details.
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Among men, the sweet smile or the merry laugh, which alike denote a cheerful
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an operation performed for ovariotomy, but the supposed tumour turned out to be
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chemical agents have been employed) because the sheath has
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artery, in order to close the vessel and prevent hemorrhage.
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This man had been a patient of mine at the Boyal Fimlico Dis-
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for the cure of his cough, and shortness of breathing, which had been very trouble-
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with. In this, as in other organs affected with amyloid dege-
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and central provinces. In the early part of 1854 it existed in Bessarabia and
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The whole spinal cord was rather softer «nd more moist than aataial,
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Many substances yield two sublimates differing, he believes, only in
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lost only one man from disease, and that of a chronic lingeriog
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signed or undesigned, co-ordinate or irregular, may be excited
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and thus left to spread havoc and devastation in all classes of society. In doing
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lastly, by the injection of coagulating fluids — are next dis-
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of the epidemic in 1866-67. Without seeking at present to draw any
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the pain being increased by pressure. The abdomen was retracted,
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very few cases of organic disease, sufficient to disturb the mental
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disease (adrenal insufficiency) and Basedow's disease (hyper-
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seen March 9, 1921. Height 5 feet, 8 inches. Weight 196
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of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, United States, and other
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number of this new issue contains axioms in syphilography by
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May 22, 1914: Patient shows considerable improvement.