appendicitis with varying results. The youngest patient

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the mere fall of pressure appears to lessen the inhibitory activity of the

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ing a convex blade (Fig. 407), isolated from the fascia up to their

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to the pathologist. This resulted in the accumulation of

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substances, etc.; and 2, that of natural orders. In both

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of instituting treatment early, before the occurrence of a large amount

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ยป one less "insignificant" error each day. tion to work in hospitals open to a large

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comprehended and defined, Various points and facts in the history

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days later. Over the course of the next three days the CPK

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lly CLYDE L. CUMMER. .M.D.. Associate Professor of Cllnl-

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1 " studies in Heterogenesis," by H. Charlton Bastian, M. A., M.D., F.R.S., pp.

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the liealth)j state from the diseased state. Of course,

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customed to follow Lister's method of treatment in their hos-

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beautifully colored. Altogether it must prove to be just the kind of a text-

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put of ammonia is almost always very large in these cases, amounting

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and partly to hold various meetings in, for which its spa*

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intestines as well as in the urinary tract, a pleural cavity full of pus may give a neg-

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terism practiced with the minutse and detail that puts

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pelvic enlargement rapidly disappearfd. July and August

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thus giving another plausible explanation of some cases of idiopathic

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be relieved by pressure ; but more usually pressure over the stomach,

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to the medical profession. In no instance has it proved deleterious to

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are only coincidences, or part of the sources of danger;

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obstinately bound, so that she had no passage until the sixth day, despite

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acceptance at present. The evidence known to me, which tends

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physicians in attendance (besides one or two quacks) ; one being the local physi-

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psoas major and the iliacus. These muscles both obtain

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type of a group of drugs whose influence was exerted mainly on the circulatory

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particularly hooping cough, were more frequent in males than

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Ambulances must reach the dressing station as early as possible

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twenty-one days, whereas, by the older methods practiced at the clinic

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place to vaccination in the records of practical improve-

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vegetable oils during a similar period were averaged for each group of

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specimens of tumors and calculi from three cases in which he

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pink. The surface is smooth, the capsule not adherent. The

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bad one, by whomsoever it may be administered. So far as

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Note: Reported firearm deaths from "undetermined" cause are included in the

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