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with atro[)li3\ True hypertrophy, that is, an actual increase of the tissues
frequently, a belladonna plaster may be constantly worn over the prte-
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in iudividual cases. The h3'podermic method in this, as in various other
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recommended by Salter and Ringer, namely, 10 minims of the tincture
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rate, or having the carbonic acid combined with alkalies or lime,
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the existence of the disease has frequently been based on morbid ai)pear-
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nition. They are often violent, the contents of the stomach and bowels being
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Not a compilation, but rather the record of independent opinions and investigations. —
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Dr. Hays stated that he had employed the cod-liver oil exten-
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products like nizoral
Another source of experimental evidence relates to the immediate effects
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to physicians desiring to try our preparation, and who will pay express charges, we will
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By means of apparatus adapted to the purpose, not only is water in the
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containing in all, according to the reports for 1850, 2686 per-
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Sodium and Ammonium 1-8 gr. Bromide Z^nc, 1-64 gr. each of Ext. Belladonna and
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m Habitual Abortions, and General Uterine Debility.
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this institution is specially equipped for the use of electricity
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To students and practitioners who have read other works this production will prove
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tant objects in the treatment of this, as of any chronic local affection.
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appeared to Dr. W. to be strongly in favor of that view ; and, at
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^ Rapine is the Anodyne or pain-relieving principle of Opiunn, the Nar* ^
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ever, to return soon ; but as Mr. Tucker was a patient of great
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stetrics and Gynaecology, Physical Diagnosis, Laryngol-
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quantity. According to Lelimann, transudations into the pleural sac are
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The third variety is commonly known as the taenia lata, or broad tape-
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The Committee of Publication reported that they had issued the
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to prevent a fkrther deposition of tuberculous matter, we may
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Prognosis. — Of those attacked with cholera, a large proportion die. The
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without valvular lesions (these being, in a measure at least, protective),
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The vinum opii, where there is much pain or intolerance of light,
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very clearly defined when they declare that tliey are bilious. It is fre-
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80-Paoe Treatise containing reports of results In special practice as wol' as
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to lead to the formation of coagula and consequent venous obstruction
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tive apoplexy, which proved suddenly fatal, was attributable to no other
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ance of Knowing the Intrinsic Tendencies of Diseases toward Recovery or other-
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Particularly apjDlicable to conditions of mal-nutrition.
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