4. If the crude sewage or effluent be previously heated to

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when the distillate is further examined as described in the -chapter

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was not favorable to infantile existence, the number would not

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Statistics vary very greatly in regard to the frequency of ringworm

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2. Worms. — Give in milk one teaspoonful of Turpentine for

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intracranial hemorrhage. Such cases, of course, may or

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A history of a gastro-enteritis or an anginal attack three or four

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— New York Obstetrical Society. — The yearly election of officers

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in the muscles were found in over 50 per cent, of cases, usually

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agent, by Nussbaum, this procedure has been applied for the relief of

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service for a long period of time would be required.

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Now it transpired, as I already knew, that the relative had died

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pustules after they break should be burned. The urine and feces may

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required to stop all signs of germ life noted by the

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Smith, A. C, Assistant Surgeon. Commissioned by the Presi-

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the external condyle. There it subdivides into the radial and pos-

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be unremitting in its endeavors to secure such State

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ing, etc., at nominal rates. The baths are generally

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insignificant in size. The op)eration in the incisura sciatica has, more-

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rely on safer and really more satisfactory means. How-

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usiqg Listerine " Dermatic " Soap is largely due to the presence of this

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in the blood. A second and third injection gave exactly

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the outburst of spontaneous cheering which his presence

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with bright papilla?, are observed from the symphysis to the angle

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This volume contains a variety of papers on the abov*

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any way original, when he states that the convictions expressed

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25th of October, with the almost unlooked for result of complete recovery.

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restlessness, and slowing of the pulse are occasionally noted before

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General Council, with the hope that they will be led to

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the patient put to bed in as good condition as he was before

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with its anatomical appearances. It was by this method that Richard