ular nuclei, and soon show tubercle-bacilli in their interiors. A certain

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Relationship between Diabetes and Obesity and Gout and Dia-

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" A large number of experiments were made, all going to prove that

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tions in which it could be readily seen under normal conditions in the-

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H. E , sickened on December 8th, 1895. His temperature ranged from

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titioner examines carefully for evidence of the latter. If nephritis

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flour, and Madeira or sherry only take away from its natural

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orrhage ; then by chemical antipyretics which, though they reduced

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the cutaneous surface to the respiratory centre; viz., fibres for inhibi-

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Wounds, either surgical or the result of injury, with which we have

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copper, the acetate of lead (gr. ij — 0.1296) and opium (extr., gr. i —

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twenty-two seconds, and general fan douche, 65°, for ten seconds. Weight in-

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At the same time it should be borne in mind that brief applications of

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liability is in the advanced stage of the disease. At first the pulse is

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mucous surface invites infection. It is not certain, however, that even

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Without entering into a detailed account of the gastric diseases

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fats. The little milk-sugar it may contain is no objection

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a return of the malarial paroxysm since the first douche ; the latter was con-

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there is manifested a strong tendency to limitation and healing.

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Hydrotlierapy. — In meeting high temperature, marked nervous symp-

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blood and pus. Osier has met with this condition in 3 autopsies, in 1

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the causation of disease and diseased conditions in man, and

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nntil the disease ceases to interest them; but there have been no

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various (<?. g., respiratory tract, lymphatics).

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In desperate cases in which cold baths are for adequate reasons out of

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selves of the means at command for carrying out hydrotherapy. In

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sequence of the mechanical pressure exerted by the fluid exudate, which

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tion or diarrhea, with enlargement of the spleen and roseate spots.

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Figs. — The fruit of the Ficus carica. Chemical analysis :

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plication of heat — prove conclusively that both heat and cold act as

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thing could be done, because that would take too much time, but

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clinical thermometers inserted, to secure the body temperature before

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shivering is induced, which produces staccato breathing. After the

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of the fever are considerations that can best be appreciated by a glance

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suiferers from dysentery must be kept in bed, and should occupy a well-

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In persons over seventy years it was 46 per cent. The traumatic cases

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beers in hand, obviously emphasizing the local sciences.

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Loewy believes that the blood-thinning process may be best ex-

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■enabled to deliver it, the procedure is not infrequently prescribed in

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nounces the beginning of the trouble. Later the face becomes pale and